Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Student Partner FY 16

Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Student Partner 2015-16

Hello everyone, Registrations are open for the selection of Microsoft Student Partner India.


  1. Complete an MVA Course, from any of these:
    A. Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals
    B. A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10
    C. Fundamentals of Application Lifecycle management
    D. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    E. Introduction to Office 365 Development
    F. Java script Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners
    G. C-Fundamentals for absolute beginners
    H. Security Fundamentals
    I. Fundamentals of Visual Studio Online

2. Conduct a session on Azure to your friends & have at least 5 of them signup for the Azure student offer.
For more info click here.

3. Get a Recommendation letter from your college
For more info click here.

4. Provide a 1 – min video on why you should be selected as an MSP.
For more info click here.

5. Once you complete all the above activities, fill the activities submission form here.

For the complete set of terms & conditions click here, Or else you can visit to Microsoft student partner official website.

Deadline is September 28th, 2015
Early bird submissions (before September 17th 2015) will get extra 5% weightage in the final evaluation.

If you have any queries on the above, please feel free write to

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Journey so far with Microsoft.

Module Microsoft
Sub Life ( )
Dim myage As Integer = 11

Console.WriteLine(“Welcome to my story about Microsoft”)
Console.WriteLine(“Here my journey with Microsoft starts”)

If  (myage = 11)  Then                ‘ Milestone of my life

Console.WriteLine(“It was the time when my Computer teacher introduced me to Zenith Computers and taught me how to turn it on!”)
Console.WriteLine(“My reaction was worth watching. Then on after getting into it. He told me about what is MS Paint and MS word
and so on…I accessed Internet for the first time from the world’s most secure browser ‘The Internet Explorer’”
Console.WriteLine(“Finally my dad gifted me dell Pentium III PC with 128 MB RAM and 20GB Hard Disk, with preloaded win XP in it… 🙂 “)

End If

Dim myfeelings As Integer = 1
Do While (myfeelings > 0)                ‘ Infinite loop of happiness and excitement!

       Console.WriteLine(“Painting, typing in word art, playing In MICROSOFT based games these were my favourite things to do on my PC “)
       Console.WriteLine(“Making PowerPoint presentation, watching screensaver of my name always fascinated me!”)
       Console.WriteLine(“Apart from these MS office helped me a lot in my projects.”)


       Console.WriteLine(“And the list goes on… Microsoft has not only impacted my life but to all people around the globe”)

Dim ThankyouMicrosoft As String         ‘ Thanks Microsoft!
ThankyouMicrosoft = “Thank you Microsoft for making such program like MSA and MSP for students and for being part of my every day.”

Console.WriteLine( ThankyouMicrosoft )
Console.ReadLine( )

End Life
End Microsoft

 The above bunch of Code is for my fellow Tech Savvies.


Oh! You did not understand what I was saying?
What! Aren’t you a Tech Savvy?
Oh! So you are among the people who love technology but find it difficult to explore much out of it.
Ok then I’ll explain it in your way.

And here it goes…
It was the time back in around 2003 when I was in 4th grade when my Computer teacher introduced me Microsoft Paint. I still remember those times when in few clicks ‘Imaginations becomes reality’. That was the time when colouring text in WordPad with just one click made me happy and motivated me to try some more features of WordPad.
This was my first hands on experience with Microsoft and its Products.

Still the question is How Microsoft impacted my life?

Before answering I would use ‘Change’ instead of using ‘Impact’. Because Impact word for Microsoft seems to be too small against what Microsoft has done for the world, the science, the technology and at most for the Computers. Microsoft has created a new Era for Generations of Computer via changing or upgrading the technology.

The change is not only for me but for the whole Technological world. I must admit, Microsoft is a very big player in the software and technology market.
Without Microsoft where would the PC be today?
One would be using the OS like Linux with such complex mechanisms and its different Non User friendly environments.

In fact without Microsoft, where would many other businesses be today?
This is the company which brought GUI into existence for the computers. This is the company who made using computer much easier. This is the company whose aim is ‘Be what’s next’.
Microsoft has given us awesome products such as Microsoft office, Skype, Xbox, Bing , Internet Explorer, Azure, Windows phone, Windows OS and count list still goes on…

Xbox, MS office and the one and only world’s leading OS ‘Windows’.
These are the products that made me crazy for Microsoft.


Windows OS

Windows NT 3.1 to Windows NT 6.3 i.e. Windows 8.1 is my favourite one, this is because of its metro UI interface. I love this interface.I was always thinking about there should be some OS where we can use app like smartphones do. And Hurray! Microsoft fulfilled my requirements for an OS. Now I can easily access millions of apps that has been in windows store. But still lot more to do. I know Microsoft is working on it.

My fav. learning tools from Microsoft
My fav. learning tools from Microsoft
Apps that gives me feel like I'm a smartphone user..:)
Apps that gives me feel like I’m a smartphone user..:)
Best thing in win 8.1
Best thing in win 8.1 Is Metro UI…:)

From Xbox to Xbox One Microsoft had changed the meaning of gaming.
Kinect changes the meaning of gameplay. Not it’s not just stilling and pressing some buttons from finger now it’s far more than that. Its motion capture technology makes user to feel that they are in the game.

Best gaming Platform.
Best gaming Platform.


My journey so far with Microsoft continues…
Now I’m a Computer science Engineering student. And the reason is Microsoft.

Evolution of technology in the form of both hardware and software

  • windows NT 3.1 to Windows NT 6.3(win 8.1)
  • Non touch to touch technology
  • Typical CRT monitors to Surface tablets
  • From post to emails
  • Telephonic call to digital voice calling
  • Typical storage to cloud storage functionality

Now the question is what’s my plan to bring a change in society?

The answer is as simple as that
Some of the things that I am really excited to do is
to organize…

Tech shows –  Which includes reviews by the people using the tech. Such shows in which they get to learn in a better way.
Techno Carnivals –  That will be full of fun with the tech and learning by doing in the form of workshops, seminars and competitions.
Seminars  – Full on latest Microsoft Technology.
Workshops – On development and usability of Microsoft’s products.
App/ product review event – From the students and I will emphases on citizens beside students I be the bridge between them to get to know the Microsoft’s Technology.


I want to create awareness about your tech not only among students, but also the society I am living in. I want them to come out of the Red and Green button of their cell phones, get to know over them. I want to show them my perspective about technology, how I see it.  I want to show them how using Microsoft products itself is another fun.

The best way to stay close the technology, is to use the Microsoft products because of what world says about Microsoft is “User Friendly”. Yes! What it has been to me, the ease of the products, their usability, efficiency and so much that can’t be said, it can just be explored.I want to make them believe how Microsoft made my life much easier than anyone can think and how it can influence their lives. Without the support of Microsoft it won’t be possible for me to accomplish my mission.

At last I’d go with my quote in Microsoft’s word Be What’s next.